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7-Card Stud uses a standard 52-card deck. Traditional ranking of hands apply. The betting is "split limit" (example: 3-6 limit indicates a $3 wager for the "lower" limit and a $6 wager for the "higher" limit), with the smaller limit occurring during the first two (2) betting rounds and the higher limit occurring during the final three (3) betting rounds (exception: when there is an open pair showing on the second betting round [fourth street], players may bet the higher limit or the smaller limit. Once the higher limit is bet, the remaining betting for that round will be at the higher limit.)

  1. Players post an ante.
  2. Players are dealt three cards in turn, in rotation, two face-down, one face-up.
  3. The Player with the lowest card by suit (whereas the suit ranking from lowest - highest is as follows: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades) initiates the betting with a "forced bet" defined by the table limit. The "low" player may also open for a full bet. For example, in the 3-6 limit game described above, the "forced bet" would be $1 and a full bet would be $3.
  4. The betting round continues, where players have the option to fold, call, or raise.
  5. Active players are dealt one card, face up. (4th).
  6. A round of betting ensues. For the remaining betting rounds, the player with the highest ranking hand (up-cards only) begins the betting round by checking or betting. Betting for this round is at the "lower" limit, unless a player has an open pair showing, and then players will have the option to bet the "higher" limit.
  7. Active players are dealt one card, face up. (5th).
  8. A round of betting ensues. Betting for this and subsequent betting rounds are at the "higher" limit.
  9. Active players are dealt one card, face up. (6th).
  10. A round of betting ensues.
  11. Active players are dealt one card, face down. (7th).
  12. A final round of betting ensues.
  13. Showdown: Active players expose all of their cards. The best five-carded hand, in traditional ranking, wins the pot.
  14. Collection: The collection will be taken from the antes and before the deal, in accordance to Lucky Chances collection schedules.